Youth Football Team - Pop Warner Football

Sports are a big part of my family’s lives. Youth sports are an essential part of growing up for many reasons. Like most people that live and work in this area, my son will likely grow up playing Pop Warner Football. We hear a lot about the risk of youth sports these days, and for a good reason.

Hunting Season Safety

Houston SmithThe autumn leaves have begun to fall from the trees. The days are shorter and the air is a bit cooler. This is one of my favorite times of the year.

Unfortunately insurance companies don't pay bills as you incur them. Insurance companies will argue that the doctors billed unreasonably, that some of the treatment you received was unnecessary, etc. They can't fight it if they have already paid it.

  1. We are a small firm, so you get individuals that genuinely care about you and your claim, and we offer personal attention.
  2. You can reach us when you have questions and there are no stupid questions.
  3. We have trial experience, and we are not afraid to pursue a matter to litigation and through trial if we feel the insurance company is not making a fair offer.

That is what your insurance is there for - to protect you in the event of a motor vehicle collision. There are a few different coverages you may have that could apply to a collision that was not your fault. You may have Personal Injury Protection ("PIP") benefits that are intended to pay your medical expenses up to the amount of your PIP benefits.